Katrina Kaif pulls off action as never before as first YRF female spy

The Yin to Salman Khan’s Yang: Katrina Kaif reprises Zoya again in Tiger 3. Photo: YRF 

Katrina Kaif is the first female spy of the YRF Spy Universe, as she was the leading lady of Ek Tha Tiger in 2012. Katrina plays Zoya in the Tiger franchise and she matches Tiger or Salman Khan in combat or strategy. Katrina has received unanimous love whenever she has played Zoya, be it Ek Tha Tiger or Tiger Zinda Hai, and she has shown that she can pull off action sequences all by herself.

Yash Raj Films has unveiled the solo poster of Katrina as Zoya. Katrina revealed that in order to pull off the physically-challenging action sequences of Tiger 3, she pushed her body to ‘breaking point’!

Katrina says, “Zoya is the first female spy of the YRF Spy Universe and I’m very proud to own a character like her. She is fierce, she is courageous, she is all heart, she is loyal, she is protective, she is nurturing and above all, she stands up for humanity, every single time.”

She adds, “It has been an incredible journey playing Zoya in the YRF Spy Universe and I have put myself to the test in every film. Tiger 3 is no exception. We wanted to take the action sequences to the next level this time and I have pushed my body to breaking-point for the film and people will see that. Physically this has been my most challenging film yet.”

Katrina adds, “It is always exciting to do action and I have been a fan of the action genre like since forever. So, playing Zoya is a dream-come-true for me. Strong, gutsy, badass and no-holds-barred! I’m looking forward to the reaction of people when they see Zoya on screen this time. She is the yin to the yang of Tiger.”

Tiger 3 has been produced by Aditya Chopra and has been directed by Maneesh Sharma. It releases during Diwali this year. Emraan Hashmi co-stars, Shah Rukh Khan makes a cameo as Pathaan and the music is by Pritam.





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