Kalapadma Dance Academy in Illinois holds 25th anniversary show


An Indian-American dance academy held its 25th anniversary in Batavia, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, June 16, coinciding with Father’s Day.

Students of Kalapadma Dance Academy perform the tune, Vaishnav Jana To …, at the 25th anniversary show held in Batavia, Illinois, June 16, 2019. Photo: courtesy Kalapadma Dance Academy)

The Des Plaines-based Kalapadma Dance Academy (KDA) held the show on Sunday, June 16, at the Batavia Fine Arts Center, using as its theme, “Ganges: The Mighty River.”

Scores of students dressed in dance costumes, presented numbers that related to the might river whose force was displayed on the massive screen behind the performers where images of the flowing waters played during the performances.

Ranjit Singh, consul at Indian Consulate of Chicago, was the chief guest, according to a press release from Kalapadma Dance Academy.

Dance guru, Ruth Varghese of the Kalapadma Dance Academy, right, with her daughter Anjali, performing at the 25th anniversary show of the KDA, in Batavia, Illinois, June 16, 2019. (Photo courtesy KDA)

The dancers were led by Guru Ruth Varghese, and included many dance items dedicated to Lord Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, and Sarawswati were performed like Shabdam, dedicated to Lord Krishna;  “Shaam Aap Baso for Lord Krishna;  Bho Shambho for Lord Shiva, Kalyani Jatisvaram, and Tillana were part of the program.

The other items performed were  Alarippu, Saraswati Namastubhyam, Gujarati song Vaishno Jan To, Malayalam Devotional, and Jugalbandi with the I-Radha Kathak team.

Alumni students of the academy also performed. Some of Varghese’s students have learnt the art from her for 15 years. Some older students came to watch the show as well.

During her 25 years of teaching in Chicagoland, Guru Ruth Varghese has taught dance to 700-900 students, the press release said.

Kalapadma Dance Academy has branches in Bhopal, Varanasi, and Chicago. The school  was started by Guru Varghese’s father Guru Shankar Hombal in 1960.

Guru Varghese had her training at the renowned academy of classical art, Kalakshetra, in Chennai, where her father was also trained.




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