Kaizen Secure Voiz to improve AI based contactless biometrics security during Covid-19

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COVID-19 is forcing industries to look toward innovative avenues to create efficiencies, and one such industry gaining traction is contactless biometrics. Interactions or even touching scanners, poses a level of risk for infection, whether it be COVID-19 or other viruses. With that in mind, Kaizen Secure Voiz has developed advanced technologies to automatically extract the maximum amount of valuable information from spoken speech to identify, verify an user and provide analytics such as gender and age estimation as part of its speech data mining portfolio.

Kaizen Secure Voiz patented voice biometrics & speech analytics software has made contactless authentication possible without having to place hands anywhere near a scanner or take off face masks now required in public as safety precaution. The technology allows enterprises to assess the nature of a transaction and determine which authentication levels are needed to successfully authorize a purchase helping to also reduce identity thefts.

Kaizen Secure Voiz uses the power of voice biometric to automatically recognize a speaker by voice and to search for a specific speaker in an archive of speech records. Its innovative technology allows verification of the caller by his/her voice against thousands of voiceprints. Accuracy and speed are key requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kaizen Secure Voiz uses its patented multi time frequency resolution based CNN (convolution neural network) model with powerful language and text independent, natural speech based techniques to generate light weight but highly representative voiceprints compatible with the widest range of audio sources possible, this enables feature extraction and comparison within the lowest possible processing time. its current offering provides a speed of sub 10 seconds for verification and sub 30 seconds for identification for comparison against 5,000 voice print databases, time to extract one voice print is sub 5 seconds, from a net speech length of 15 seconds spoken by an user.

Call centers are another industry using Kaizen Secure Voiz patented advanced authentication technologies. This is a low cost, more efficient and secure method for call center’s to verify caller identity. Callers voice password are set passively. When they call in again, they use natural speech for authentication, this provides significant time savings and allows representatives to focus on the higher-value tasks rather than the verification process, while also providing convenience for the caller.

“An enterprise can very easily adopt Kaizen Secure Voiz voice biometric product lineup when a customer reaches out to their contact center for any service or you can ask for explicit consent from customers and proactively enroll them.” States Ashok Krish, President of Kaizen Secure Voiz, “it’s user-friendly, safer, cost-effective and with user education can help one overcome any challenges faced.”

Voice biometrics is shaping up as a major choice for security in this pandemic environment in industries, such as, airlines and airports, government authorities, banking, financial services, and healthcare. “Voice biometrics is emerging as a solution for AI-based behavior security, tracking and composite risk-based authentication. Kaizen Secure Voiz is committed to improve contactless biometrics security for use both from a technological advantage point and as a safety precaution,” added Krish.

About Kaizen Voiz
Kaizen Secure Voiz has been helping clients to automatically extract the maximum amount of valuable information from spoken speech. We develop technologies for voice biometrics based authentication ,data mining from speech and speech analytics. These technologies are used by call centers, telecom companies, airlines, health care providers, banks and financial institutions, government authorities, media hosts, and broadcast service providers. Kaizen Secure Voiz speaker identity application also provides research & development services such as speech technology optimization for target channels, development of new language versions, etc. For more information, call 732-452-9555 or visit website at www.Kaizenvoiz.com



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