Kabir Chopra brings out a new Indian American Web series about online dating

(Courtesy: Twitter)

Created by Indian American actor, writer and filmmaker Kabir Chopra, a new Web series called “Swiped to Death,” explores the messy realities of online dating, told from both the male and the female perspective.

The series stars Chopra and Indian American actress Reema Sampat as Jay and Farah, two recently single South Asians living in New York, who try their luck on a new dating app.

Each episode is based on a real-life date that went terribly wrong and will follow either Jay or Farah as they go on a new date with a new character, with one question in mind: Will they find true love, or will it be an endless game of swiping?

According to a Brown Girl magazine report, Chopra said that he was inspired to create the show after watching “Master of None.”

But this is not the first time Chopra has created a story about online dating, as he has also written and published an eBook about online dating called “Poke Me!” which is available on Amazon.

Chopra graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in dramatic writing and has studied at Studio 4 as well as the Stella Adler studio.

He has also appeared in several short films, off-Broadway shows and TV series, including “Madam Secretary.”

Sampat most recently appeared in NBC’s “Shades of Blue,” as well as season six of “Orange is the New Black,” and season two of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” on Netflix.

Her film credits include “Blood Surf,” “The Pretenders,” and “Reclaim,” among others.

One can watch episodes of “Swiped to Death” at https://www.swipedtodeath.com/watch-episodes.




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