Kabir Bedi to make Kannada debut with Kari Haida? Koragajja    

Director Sudhir Attavar introduces Kabir Bedi in Kannada cinema with Kari Haida? Koragajja. Photo: Himanshu Jhunjhunwala 

Kabir Bedi has worked in Indian as well as Hollywood films since his 1971 debut in Hulchul. Known for his distinct identity at the international level, and also for his baritone voice, the veteran actor will now be seen in a Kannada film for the first time. Recently, Kabir dubbed for the film in Mumbai, and spoke about the story, his character and the experience of working in a different Indian language for the first time.

Producer Trivikram Sapalya’s and director Sudhir Attavar’s film, Kari Haida? Koragajja, under the banners of Druthi Creations and Success Films, will feature Sandip Soparrkar, South stars Shruti and Bhavya and Naveen Padil. This is also the first film of Bharat Suriya and Ritika. The film’s composers are Sudhir-Krishna.

Kabir will be seen as a king in the movie. He said, “Though I have played the role of a king many times, for the first time I have played the role of a Southern one, which is a new and beautiful experience for me. Working in a Kannada film was a great and special thing. This is the story of a tribal boy, who lived 800 years ago and people worship even today, There is a temple built in his name. This story has very deep roots. I am glad that a film has been made on this story. The director of the film, Sudhir Attavar, has made it with great care, and the film will touch the hearts of the audience.”

Sudhir Attavar added, “It was a matter of great pride for me to work with a veteran actor like Kabir Bedi. When I sent him the script of the film, I had no idea whether he would accept the role or not. But he agreed to work with me, supported me a lot, and I learnt a lot from him. Kannada dialogues and pronunciation were completely new to him. But he delivered excellently and the way he was in dubbing was amazing. I would say that I didn’t direct him in this film but I got to learn a lot from Kabir-sir and it was a lifetime learning experience for me!”

Said the director, “I did a lot of research on this subject and talked to the tribal community, from whom I got a lot of new information. Dozens of producers and directors tried to make a film on this subject, but with the blessings of God, I got the opportunity to make it and work with a legendary actor like Kabir Bedi.”



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