Judge KP George of Texas joins White House discussion on building better communities

A select group of 50 elected officials in Texas were invited to the White House for a discussion on community building, among them Indian American Judge KP George of Fort Bend County. PHOTO: Twitter @JudgeKPGeorge

Indian American Judge KP George of Fort Bend County, Texas, was invited by the White House to join a discussion July 20, 2023, on “Communities in Action: Building a Better Texas. He was part of a group of 50 state and local elected officials from across the state.

“Yesterday I had the honor to take part in the highly anticipated event, “Communities in Action: Building a Better Texas,” held at the White House. This event, co-hosted by the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and the Office of Public Engagement,” tweeted Judge George July 20, 2023.

Earlier, on July 18, Judge George notified constituents via Twitter of his White House invitation.

Program announcement. PHOTO Twitter @JugeKPGeorge

“I’m honored to be invited by President Joe Biden to join other Texas local and state leaders to highlight the impact of Biden-Harris programs in our community and communities across Texas. I look forward to sharing the tremendous work we’ve been able to accomplish in FBC (Fort Bend county),” George said.

According to a July 20 press release from Fort Bend County’s communications office, “This invitation signifies the exceptional leadership and accomplishments of Judge KP George in Fort Bend County. As a representative of the community, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to public service and delivering positive outcomes for the people he serves. The event aimed to highlight the efforts of state, local, and Tribal leaders who are actively collaborating with the Biden-Harris Administration to make tangible improvements in their respective communities.”

The White House invite also recognizes the initiatives post-COVID, such as use of funds under the American Rescue Plan Act, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the office said.

During the event, Judge George shared Fort Bend County’s success stories from the $157 million ARPA funds provided to the County with over $112 million committed to various projects that include:

o Infrastructure/water/sewer projects

o Capital improvement projects

o Economic development and recovery

o Economic relief to residents and businesses

o Small business programs

o Nonprofit Assistance Grants

Highlights include the nearly $20 million provided in Nonprofit Assistance Grants that are intended to strengthen our under-resourced communities; provide affordable housing options, education, and revitalization efforts.

Additionally, the Small Business Programs in Fort Bend County have provided emergency assistance to more than 2,750 businesses, distributing over $20 million for small business programs through ARPA funds with over $1.2 million committed to the Small Business Accelerator Program that served as a mentor program, for minority and women-owned small Businesses, the press release said.

“This event served as a platform for our state and local leaders to engage with each other to exchange ideas, and share insights into the strategies and achievements across the state,” Judge George is quoted saying in the press release. “It was a collaborative environment where innovative approaches to common challenges were shared and celebrated.”

Judge KP George came into office January 1, 2019, and was re-elected for a second term on November 8, 2022. As the County’s top elected official, Judge George presides over the Commissioners Court, which oversees the County’s more than 3,000 employees and its nearly 500 million-dollar budget. Additionally, he serves as the Director of the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Since taking office, Judge George has placed a heavy focus on homeland security and emergency management, transparency in government, youth empowerment, and improving the quality of life for citizens while building resiliency through infrastructure improvements, his biography on the Fort Bend County website says.



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