John Abraham gives up social media accounts to NGOs to help people needing resources


Mumbai: Bollywood star John Abraham on Friday stepped up to help people amid the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic and said that he will be handing over his social media accounts to NGOs helping people. The NGOs will use Abraham’s account to post information and accommodate medical facilities to people in dire need.

John Abraham | Photo: Reuters

The ‘Force’ actor took to Instagram and posted a statement in which he expressed concern about the current situation in the country.

“As a country, we are experiencing a very grim situation. With each passing minute, there are more and more people who are unable to procure oxygen, an ICU bed, a vaccine and sometimes even food. However, these trying times have also brought people together, to support, to make a difference and attend to needs.” wrote Abraham.

“Starting today, I will be handing over my social media accounts to NGOs we have partnered with across the country and all content posted on my handles will be exclusively to help connect those affected with the resources they require.

“It is time to extend ourselves to humanity and take measures to overcome this crisis. Anything and everything to save lives and win this battle TOGETHER.

“Stay indoors, Stay safe! Be responsible – for yourself, your family and the country,” concluded the statement written by the 48-year-old star.

The ‘New York’ star captioned the post as, “Anything and everything to save lives and win this battle TOGETHER.”

India recorded 3,86,452 new COVID-19 cases, 3,498 related deaths and 2,97,540 recoveries on Thursday. (ANI)



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