ITV Gold in US partners with HW News Network in India

Ashok Vyas of ITV GOLD

ITV Gold, the first South Asian 24×7 TV channel in the United States of America, part of Parikh Worldwide Media, based in New York City, has signed a strategic partnership with leading digital and news platform in India, HW News Network, based in Mumbai, India.

ITV Gold delivers news shows about Indian-Americans, including the Indo-Caribbean community, South Asians, and from India. It also has a slew of entertainment programs round the clock, including films and TV serials. It was launched in 1985 and was acquired by Parikh Worldwide Media earlier this year. Parikh Worldwide Media is the number one media house in the United States catering to the Indian and South Asian diaspora.

Among other media properties in the US, Parikh Worldwide Media publishes the weekly national newspaper News India Times, as well as Desi Talk New York, and Desi Talk Chicago; a quarterly English magazine US-India Global Review (under the aegis of the think tank Parikh Foundation for India’s Global Development), an online magazine Indian American, and a weekly national Gujarati language newspaper Gujarat  Times. The news website of News India Times ( is the leading Indian American and South Asian portal in the US.

Seshadari Chari, Sujit Nair and Kumar Ketkar of HW News Network

HW News Network ( is the fastest growing political digital platform widely distributed on over 20 platforms in India, that include category leaders like Jio Express, Amazon Fire TV, and News Point. With its tie-up with ITV Gold, the portal’s reach has now gone international.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, the Founder and Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, finalized the agreement with Sujit Nair, the Managing Editor and Founder of HW News Network, in Mumbai, recently. Their goal is to provide evocative news to discerning and well-initiated global audience.

“This tie-up will enhance the Indian diaspora’s desire to keep abreast with India, its happenings and events, especially from the socio-political sphere,” said Dr. Parikh.

Renee Mehra of ITV GOLD

Parikh explained that near-term goals of ITV Gold, which is also available on YouTube, is to make it the number one TV channel in the US, and popularize it in India too, with its savvy news content.

“Since Parikh Worldwide Media took over ITV Gold, community coverage of events in the US has increased substantially, and we plan to increase our immigration, health issues, and politics coverage, to reach out not only in the US, but in India as well,” said Dr. Parikh.

“Our vision is to take the real India, its victories, jubilations and challenges to the world and this collaboration helps us towards it, to reach out in the US,” said Nair, a former Executive Director at Lowe Lintas, who runs two highly popular shows on HW News Network, named ‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘Editorial’ that enjoy national viewership in India.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Founder and Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media

“Through ITV Gold- HW News Network joint telecast in India and in the US, we look forward to getting answers for our 17 million viewers in India on US immigration laws, business opportunities and for the Indian diaspora, provide information on India’s changing policies, government rules regulations, banking norms etc.,” Nair added, saying, “This association will offer exposure for Indian brands and services to US markets and vice versa.”

Nair, who also founded India Against Child Abuse (IACA), a self-help group to gather like-minded people for raising awareness against child abuse and to help children avail their rights, said of the partnership with ITV Gold, “this tie up will also be unique of sorts, because this will the for first time an Indian digital channel and mainline US television network collaborated with each other for content sharing and sales.”

ITV Gold has started to feature shows of HW News Network during the prime-time band of 10-11 P.M EST. It brings to viewers issue-based stories, exclusive interviews with Indian political stalwarts and a hard talk with them, as well as finance shows that give an insightful analysis of the economy of the country.

Sujit Nair, Managing Editor and Founder of HW News Network

On the other hand, ITV Gold news and entertainment segments featuring on HW News Network caters to the Indian audience, giving an insight into diaspora-related meets and events in the United States.

At present, HW News Network has a viewership of more than 6.3 million. ITV Gold has a base of 4.8 million South Asians, including 3.18 million Indian Americans, in the US.

The partnership of HW News Network and ITV Gold will likely change the way news and issue-based shows are consumed both nationally and internationally.




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