ITServe Alliance to celebrate achievements at Oct.26-27 flagship conference in Atlantic City

Synergy 2023 poster. PHOTO: Courtesy ITServe Alliance

ITServe Alliance, (, which describes itself as “the largest association of Information Technology Services organizations functioning across the United States,” is scheduled to hold its annual flagship conference, Synergy 2023, in Atlantic City October 26 and 27, 2023, to celebrate its growth and achievements since it was founded in 2010.

“We have more than 2,200 member companies, spread over 21 Chapters, they generate 175,000 high paying jobs across the United States,” Vinay K. Mahajan, national president of ITServe Alliance, is quoted saying in a press release. “Our members contribute almost $12 billion to the US GDP. We at ITServe Alliance are immensely proud of us that we are very successful. We are the voice for and are fighting for causes on behalf of the small and medium scale enterprises of IT industry, protecting our members’ interests,” he added. Mahajan also noted that the company gives back to the community and invests in startups, which is to help the United States maintain the leadership in innovation and technology.

Scheduled to be held at the popular Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Synergy 2023, is a way of celebrating the success story of the 2,200+ ITServe member companies in the United States, who have achieved great success and are eager to share their expertise, skills, resources and knowledge, and be role models for others to emulate, the press release said.

Under the banner “Come, Learn, and Grow,” a team under the leadership of Venu Sangani has worked to elevate Synergy 2023’s brand and position it as the leading IT Staffing Conference in America.

“Beyond being an arena for networking and knowledge sharing, Synergy 2023 aims to be a veritable marketplace for ideas and innovations. The event is curated to provide actionable insights and strategies that companies can directly implement, serving as a catalyst for taking your business to the next level,” Sangani, director of Synergy 2023 says.

According to Vinodbabu Uppu, Chair of the Board of Directors of ITServe, “Synergy 2023 is the only one-of-a-kind conference delivering innovative strategies, unique insights, and proven tactics for success, exclusively for IT service companies and individuals. Synergy 2023 will focus on developing strategic relationships with our partner organizations, sponsors, and supporters to work for a better technology environment by building greater understanding.”

ITServe team. PHOTO: courtesy ITServe Alliance

The range of topics and panels include Immigration to CIO/CTO issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Planning, and Political Action Committees, among others. Barbara Bruno will lead an educational session on “Mastering Effective Recruiting in Staffing.” Other sessions will focus on Contracts, Legal Compliance, and Federal Contracting.

Amar Varada, chair of Synergy 2023, said, “Participants at Synergy 2023 will have a platform for IT company heads to come together to hear industry leaders speak, engage in discussions with lawmakers, participate in interactive breakout sessions, deliberate on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the world of IT Staffing and Technology.”

“We are thrilled to have a diverse and esteemed set of speakers for this year’s conference. From policymakers, and technology leaders to industry innovators, our speakers are pivotal in shaping the discussions and providing invaluable insights that can be immediately applied in various sectors of the IT industry. The selection process has been meticulous, ensuring that each session offers a blend of expertise, vision, and actionable advice for our members. The goal is to create a transformative experience for our attendees,” Anil Atyam, chair of Speakers for Synergy 2023 emphasized.

On the opening day, Steve Forbes, chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media, will deliver the keynote address on “Leadership Lessons: The Stunning Parallels between Great Leaders of the World and Today’s Top Business Leaders.” This will be followed by a keynote address on, “Strategies for Scaling and Sustaining a Successful IT Company from One to 100 Million Plus” by Phaneesh Murthy, founder & CEO of Primentor. The keynote address by Zack Kass, Technology Futurist, and Generative AI Solutions Specialist will focus on: “AI for Small Business Success: Navigating the Future of Entrepreneurship.”

Ashish Agarwal from Turbo Start, DVC will lead the Startup Cube Panel on “GTM Pitfalls Faced by Growing Startups.”  Later in the day, a Financial Panel Discussion will explore “Alternative Investments for Diversified Business Portfolios and Funding Solutions for Diversified Growth.” The Breakout Session in the Afternoon will be on: “Mastering the Art of Effective Recruiting in the Staffing Industry” by Barbara Bruno.

“State, County, City, High-Ed & Federal Government Contracting: Opportunities & Challenges” will be the Breakout Session in the afternoon led by Nazeera Dawood, CEO of The M & A Panel Discussion will deliberate on, “Driving Growth and Value Through Strategic M&A: Opportunities and Challenges: Accelerating Business Expansion.”

Another Breakout Session on the first day will be on, “Increase Cash Flow $$$ and Collect Bad Debt,” led by Douglas Fuchs of Goldman, Evans & Trammell LLC.  Kevin O’Leary, a Venture Capitalist, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank, will deliver the Evening keynote address on: “The Path to Profit: Strategies for Building a Successful Business.”

The morning of October 27th will begin with the keynote address on “Navigating the Financial Crises and Regulatory Landscape: Lessons Learned and Insights for IT Staffing Company Owners” by Sheila Bair, Former FDIC Chair.

Other sessions in the morning include a Startup Cube Finals on GTM Pitfalls Faced by Growing Startups, which will be led by Ashish Agarwal, Turbo Start, DVC. The Immigration Panel Discussion will focus on “Navigating Immigration Challenges and Policies.” The CXO Panel’s focus will be “The Evolving Role of IOs and CTOs in AI and ChatGPT Powered Digital Transformation.” Other panel discussions will address issues related to “Contracts And Litigations,” and “Direct Client Engagement in the World of Contingent Workforce.”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Chief Guest at Synergy 2023 will deliver the Keynote address during an interactive session with ITServe members on October 27th evening. Ms. Clinton, the 67th Secretary of State of the United States has dedicated over four decades in public service as an advocate, attorney, First Lady, and US Senator.

A Special Guest Session at Synergy will be a “Dialogue with Yuvraj Singh,” a highly popular international Cricketer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Synergy 2023 will conclude with a Live Musical Concert by Bollywood Playback Singer and Filmfare Awardee Kanika Kapoor.

During Synergy 2023, ITServe will honor high achieving Entrepreneurs with Leadership Awards. “Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our Members,” said Venu Sangani, Synergy Director for 2023. “ITServe Alliance proudly recognizes and honors companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth and success during a specific period. The ITServe Fastest Growing Company Awards are a testament to the impact of businesses that embrace innovation and strive for excellence.”

The ITServe Fastest Growing Companies Award recognizes outstanding performance and remarkable growth in three categories: Small, Medium, and Large. Applicants are evaluated based on their revenue growth over a three-year period.




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