Irrfan Khan teaches us how to sort out the pieces of our puzzled lives


Though his entry does not come until 24 minutes into the film, Irrfan Khan pours life into Marc Turtletuab’s “Puzzle,” a film that also features Kelly Macdonald, David Denman, Bubba Weiler, Austin Abrams and Liv Hewson.

Along with pouring life into the film, Khan’s character adds some color into the life of Agnes (Kelly Macdonald), who is surprisingly playing a role of a housewife in 21st century America.

When the film opens up we see Agnes celebrating her birthday with a party but she seems to be aloof from the rest.

Having married her husband Louie (David Denman) at a young age, the both of them never went to college.

While Louie runs his own auto shop, Agnes is a Catholic housewife, who her college-bound son says “makes sure the men in her life are taken care of.”

This is the same son who buys her an iPhone for her birthday saying “can someone tell my mom to stop living in the 20th century.”

But the gift that Agnes loves the most is a puzzle, given to her by one of her relatives, and it doesn’t take her long to realize that she has finally found something that she likes to do after all these years.

Having loved the fact that she finished the puzzle again and again in a short amount of time, she travels to New York City to find the shop where the puzzle was bought.

A still from the film.

While at the shop, she comes across a flyer that reads “champion desperately seeking a puzzle partner.”

After going home that day, she finally gains the courage to contact the champion letting them know that she is interested in taking up the offer.

The champion happens to be Robert (Khan), an inventor whose wife and previous puzzle partner recently left him.

Though he calls Agnes a “God-send,” all this is new and different to her.

She has lied to family about the whole thing and gets nervous when Robert tells her “if we win the competition, we go to Belgium.”

But she still continues puzzling with him and they gradually become friends.

As the days get closer the competition Agnes falls in love with her puzzle partner, the question is; will she ever learn how to piece together the puzzle of her life?

In “Puzzle,” Khan really makes you think about what life really is and how you can manage to fit the pieces of that puzzle together, if it is ever possible.

The film is set to release on Friday, July 27, in New York City and Los Angeles, California.



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