Indians hate “Basmati Blues” trailer starring Brie Larson


NEW YORK – The trailer for Brie Larson’s forthcoming movie, “Basmati Blues” is finally out. However, it has no date for a release in India or the U.S. although an Insider report has stated that it has already been released in Sweden and Russia earlier this year.

According to a Buzzfeed report, the movie has “been struggling to get a wide release for a couple of years now,” since it was started in 2013 and is still unclear as to when it was filmed.

The trailer has been receiving a lot of criticism for “generalizing an entire culture” and many have expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

“I am beyond pleased to see the often under-appreciated narrative of ‘white people come to the rescue!’ presented so sweetly in this not at all problematic ground-breaking movie starring an academy award winner,” someone tweeted.

“I just watched the trailer for Basmati Blues and I’m not even angry just massively secondhand embarrassed for everyone involved,” tweeted another.

People also cringed after watching the trailer and tweeting that it “is so weird & bizarre, like a parody of a parody” and that “it’s 2017 & they’re really still releasing these things” while someone thought they were still in the 90s.

Others thought the trailer was completely ‘BS’ and told Larson to simply “stop” and “not go ‘India is an exciting journey’ on us.”

“Oh great it’s cringey white-people-in-India-saving-the-brown-savages season again,” Harnidh Kaur tweeted.

According to the trailer, the movie seems to be about a genetic scientist, played by Larson, who develops a kind of rice that seems like it would help rural Indian farmers and is sent on a trip to India to introduce it to them.

As any other non-Indian, her character is not used to the “stereotypes” shown such as getting shoved by a goat, freaking out at the taste of spicy food, slapping a village elder on the face as a “traditional greeting” and gets her feet washed in brass plates.

The trailer goes on to show that Larson’s character figures out that her boss, played by Donald Sutherland, is trying to sell rice that is sterile and to prevent it from getting to people, she rides on a galloping horse to stop the running train, becoming a “white savior” while falling in love with a local farmer, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

The trailer itself was released on YouTube by a trailer aggregator channel and not a production house, even Larson herself didn’t share it on her social media feed.



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