Indian Women’s Club of North Shore, Illinois, hosts first event of new year

Indian Women’s Club of North Shore, Ill., held a meeting recently at the home of Mani Jain. PHOTO: Indian Women’s Club of North Shore.

The Indian Women’s Club of North Shore, Ill., held its first meeting of 204, at the home of Mani Jain in Skokie.

Those attending enjoyed reflections on the 2023 experiences, as a year of continuous change and happiness for and a year of loss and struggle, or learning and resilience, the IWC said in a press release.

Attendees expressed their feelings about the year gone by and what lessons learnt.

“We all tried to offer a reflection and intention exercise that we all prioritized and choose to spend time with our families in the US or abroad while juggling work and family,” the press release said. Few did not take health for granted, and regrounded themselves in deep gratitude (rather than comparative, sometimes guilt-inducing gratitude), which gave them a fresh and empowering perspective. “We tried to trust to fulfill the values that are most important to us,” they said.

Usha Kamaria announce her contribution on her birthday to help needy family in India. She said we must always have fun but not forget to give back to society, the main focus in all gatherings.

Most of the women are professionals, and mothers. Making big decisions for themselves or their families or their professions is always fraught with fears, uncertainties, and doubts for themselves; even if it is a good decision, they concluded.

“The height of 2023 was fulfilling all dreams for most of them to continue creating memorable moments with their families and themselves,” the press release said.

The goals for 2024 wound round the natural highs and lows of life coming their way, learning a lot from each other’s experiences, and expressing how their relationships and social health are enormous parts of their lives.

The gathering recognized that healthy connections bring members happiness and comfort while toxic relationships introduce anxiety and stress.

“We all learned that the most important part of striving to achieve our goals is staying positive,” attendees said, and beating ones-self served no purpose and in fact, made one feel   less capable and valuable.

“We shall set SMART goals and think critically when planning, we’ll likely succeed,” they concluded.

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