Indian woman asks authorities for help against abusive husband


Harittha Pabbathi, an Indian woman from Andhra Pradesh, who is currently living in the United States on a tourist visa, has asked authorities for help from getting away from her “abusive” husband with her baby in hand.

Pabbathi tweeted several videos and photos to External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj, Denton County Criminal District Attorney Paul Johnson, President Donald Trump, the U.S. Embassy in India and the Department of Homeland Security, showing a man that she says is her husband, slapping her face.

She has pleaded for help saying that she was brought to the U.S. by her husband during the eighth month of her pregnancy so the baby could be born an American citizen but now she is not even allowed to see or feed her baby.

“My husband is abuser and trafficker. He took me to U.S. during my 8th month of pregnancy and after labor within month he kicked me out of home. He already married one lady in India,” Pabbathi tweeted, alleging that her husband married her for financial gains after cheating another woman in India.

“Just for my baby to get citizenship he needs my baby. My husband and his parents didn’t allow me to feed my baby because he wants to send me back India alone without my baby. He brought me here with a tourist visa. They hatched a plan to send me back,” she said in another tweet, adding that she is under house arrest and is being constantly watched through CCTV cameras, cutting all communication with the outside world.

Along with the two videos showing her husband abusing her, Pabbathi also tweeted a few photos showing her bruise and said that she has access to more videos to prove that her husband, who is on an H-1B visa, is a “criminal and a trafficker,” and needs to be deported back to India.

In a reply to Pabbathi’s tweets, the U.S. Embassy in India said “unfortunately we cannot get involved in personal disputes. We recommend that you get in touch with local law enforcement authorities regarding the same,” while Denton County Criminal District Attorney Johnson said “we are more than happy to meet with you or assist in any way but Denton PD is where to start,” while the External Affairs Ministry of India Swaraj has yet to reply.

Pabbathi is currently living in Denton County, Texas though her exact address is yet to be identified; her last tweet was sent on March 13 in which she has requested authorities to help her get her baby back adding that she doesn’t want any money from her husband.

Here is a list of all Pabbathi’s tweets pleading for help:



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