Indian Seniors of Chicago celebrates Mahashivratri and Valentine’s Day

Birthday members of Indian Seniors of Chicago were felicitated with birthday cards by the singer Rajesh Chalan at the Feb. 11, 2023, event celebrating Mahashivratri and Valentines Day. Photo: Jayanti Oza

The monthly general meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago was held on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at Manav Seva Mandir.

About 255 members attended the program, according to Jayanti Oza who attended the meeting. The event began with prayers and reciting the Hanuman Chalisa by members Deepak Patel, Kokila Patel, Janakbala and Mayuraben Desai and Binaben Mehta. All present participated in the singing.

Manu Shah conducted the program.

C.V. Desai presented the account of January 2023 and also mentioned the names of the donors.

Jyotika Vyas sang a bhajan of Sivastuti in her special raga.

Those members whose birthdays fall in the month of February were wished with the birthday song when they came to the stage, and also presented cards.

Valentine’s Day celebration was observed and conducted by Durgesh Shah in which twelve couples participated. Photo: Jayanti Oza

Mahashivratri was celebrated by remembering the qualities of Lord Shiva. Because Shiva is the immortal, omnipotent, benevolent, illusory God. Maha means great, Shiva means welfare, Mahashivratri is a night to remember the great welfare deeds done by Shiva and the wonderful avatars he took for them, organizers said in the press release.

The Valentine’s Day celebration was conducted by Durgesh Shah in which twelve couples participated. They sang/acted out  love songs sung by Rajesh Chalan

The couples included Mahendra and Kailash Patel, Bipinchandra and Janakbala Shah, Satis and Daksha Parikh, Jayanti and Kala Ojha, Ashok and Geeta Desai, Chandravadan and Neeta Chudasama, Siddharth and Neeta Zaveri, Ramesh and Hansa Patel, Kanti and Hasumati Patel, Chandrakant and Mary Shah, Manhar and Meena Parikh, Durgesh and Alpa Shah.

Bhanu Mehta, and Pankaj and Bina Mehta, who donated for lunch at the Feb. 11, 2023, Indian Seniors of Chicago Mahashivratri and Valentine’s Day event, were felicitated with flowers by ISC President Narsinh Patel and Manu Shah. Photo: Jayanti Oza

Singer Chalan entertained the gathering by singing many Bollywood movie songs.

Bhanu Mehta, Pankaj and Bina Mehta, who donated for the lunch, were felicitated with flowers, as was Chalan, by Hira Patel.



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