Indian Rice, Pakistani Chef and Karachi Biryani

Pakistani Chef Sadat taught how Karachi’s Biryani is made
Houston: House of Spices, a well reputed Indian company of North America that supplies countless quality products including Dal, rice and frozen vegetables in North America, organized an Iftar dinner for the Muslim community in Houston.
 Pakistan’s renowned chef Sadat was invited as a special guest who prepared Karachi’s flavor Biryani with premium and quality Lakshmi brand rice recently introduced by house of spices in North America.
The event was moderated by the well-known TV anchor Madeeha Masood and had an informative dialogue with Chef sadaat on special Karachi and other types of Biryani
 On this occasion House of Spices CEO Amar Pali Sohni welcomed the guests from Muslim and other communities and highlighted the quality of the company’s products and the newly introduced rice. While in reply to a question raised by  MC Madiha Masood She told  that the customers’ liking and confidence in our products including the newly introduced Lakshmi Rice is a clear proof of our high quality.
During preparation of Biryani in front of the guests at the Iftar dinner, he also  answered the queries  of the guest.
On question of well-known TV anchor Madiha Masood, Chef Sadat informed that there are different types of Biryani, but only the  Biryani Karachi is authentic and very famous  which is actually a street food.
Valuable gifts including gold coins were also distributed among the guests through raffle tickets


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