Indian doctor stabbed to death by patient


An Indian doctor, Achutha N. Reddy, was stabbed to death near the Holistic Psychiatric Services building on Carriage Parkway in Wichita, Kansas by Umar Rashid Dutt, 21, on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 13.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Reddy in an alley behind the building.

“A short time after officers arrived, at approximately 7:40, they were dispatched to a suspicious character call at the Wichita Country Club. The security guard at the country club observed an individual sitting in the car in the parking lot with blood on (him),” said Lt. Todd Ojile of the Wichita police department.

The police have said that Dutt was a patient of the doctor, who was a physiatrist by profession.

Police told ABC News that according to an office manager, Dutt “was in the business for a short time. He left and then later came back with Dr. Reddy, and they went into an office. After going in an office, a disturbance was heard. An office manager entered into the office and observed the suspect assaulting Dr. Reddy.”

The office manager even tried to stop the assault, allowing Reddy to flee however “the suspect then chased Dr. Reddy out of the business, where he caught up with him in the alley behind the business where we believe a second assault occurred,” leading to Reddy’s death.

Reddy attended medical school at Osmania University in India, graduating in 1986 and later moved to the U.S. to complete his residency in psychiatry from the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita, in 1998.

He had been practicing psychiatry since 1989 and was running the Holistic Psychiatric Services in Wichita and was also affiliated with other hospitals in the area.

Apart from his parents Bhadra and Parijata, Reddy is survived by his wife Beena and their three children Radha, Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Dutt has been charged with first-degree murder, although there was no official word on the motive behind it.



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