Indian Americans launch campaign to remove Green Card backlog

GCReforms logo (Courtesy: Twitter)

A group of prominent Indian Americans have launched a nationwide campaign to create awareness about the massive backlog for Green Cards, which is impacting about 300,000 high-skilled Indian applicants, according to PTI.

According to the newly-launched group, under the current regulation, skilled immigrants need to wait anywhere between 25 to 92 years for a Green Card because of country cap.

The country cap for India is 7 percent, according to the Skilled Immigrants In America’s website.

Many Indian Americans shared their thoughts about the Green Card backlog with PTI.

“We not only support the physician groups involved in the immigration issues but also support a fair green card allocation process for engineers and other professionals that are caught up in the quandary,” Sampat Shivangi, the president of, told PTI.

“I Strongly Support the Cause,” Ved Nanda, a professor at the University of Denver Strum college of law, said in a statement issued by

Kiran Kumar Thota, a founding member of the organization, told PTI that these Green Card delays need to be eliminated as it slows down American innovation and job creation.

“Many bright individuals who are hardworking and self- driven are always under stress to keep the same job role,” Rishi Bhutada, the director of the Hindu American Foundation, told PTI.

Jagdish Sharma, the chair of the Indian American Friendship Forum, told PTI that many talented people who work in Fortune 500 companies have been waiting decades for their Green Cards as a result of the huge backlog.

“The contributions of skilled immigrants to America and their issues need better understanding and recognition across America, coming together of the Green Card Reforms is a great initiative in that direction,” Prakash Wadhwa, the creator of the film From The Land Of Gandhi, which focuses on Green Card backlog, Told PTI.

The announcement for the nationwide campaign comes after the White House sent details of its immigration reform to Congress, according to PTI.



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