Indian American woman held by US Customs after returning from India


NEW YORK: In a mysterious incident, which is yet to be unraveled, an unidentified Indian American woman was held by Customs at an US airport, after a trip to India.

The Indian American woman had voted for Donald Trump in the presidential elections, according to a friend of the woman who tweeted her friend’s ordeal, without explaining the reason for the detention, or where she was held, or if she had been released.

The friend, Kara Calavera, tweeted about the Indian American woman’s ordeal: “One of my best girlfriends is Indian-American. She voted for Trump. She just texted me complaining about being held at customs.”

Calavera added: “She came into the country legally and worked hard and got an MBA, and she’s sick of freeloaders. Her words, not mine.”

It can only be presumed that the Indian American woman who voted for Trump could be a Muslim, and might have been held for further questioning as per the new protocol of tough vetting.

Calavera also wrote her tweets made her a “sh***y friend”.



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