Indian American wins Washington State Ms. Asia 2018 Pageant

Neha Krishna

Indian American Neha Krishna won the title for the Washington State Ms. Asia 2018 Pageant on November 18, which was held at the Hyatt Renton in Seattle, Washington.

The Google recruiter, who has also held positions in the HR Department of Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, had come in second place at the pageant in 2016, and she was thrilled and excited to win the crown and represent India again this year.

“It is a dream come true to represent the women of today. In today’s times, women not only care about being beautiful and glamorous but also about being a professional, and having a career,” Krishna is quoted saying in a press release.

Krishna wants the world to know about India, its culture and help the women of her community achieve more and she plans to work alongside women representatives of other minority groups in the United States to bring awareness to the unique challenges that women of these segments face on a day to day basis.

Together with the Ravishing Women organization and its CEO Menka Soni, Krishna aims to continue her work in with the Asian community in Seattle and hopes to spread her message across the world.

Krishna also wants to act as a cultural ambassador for the Asian community and she will compete in the Ms. Asia America contest in 2019.

In addition, she desires to bring global visionaries, leading thought-leaders, key policymakers and iconic leaders from India Inc. onto one platform to enable India’s $5 trillion growth agenda.



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