Indian-American-run charity in Massachusetts takes proactive action on possible ‘accounting irregularities’

(Courtesy: Facebook)

An Indian-American-run philanthropic organization, We Care Charity, of Salem, Massachusetts, may have some problems because possible accounting irregularities in its tax filings, according to local news reports.

The Board of Advisers of the charity have resigned en masse, and sent a letter to the New Hampshire attorney general alerting him of the matter, the news site reported.

Shefali Kalyani, president of We Care, is reported saying it is a simple accounting error and that a CPA had been hired to correct any errors and re-file their taxes if necessary, Unionleader reported. Additionally, Thomas Donovan, the director of the Charitable Trusts Unit at the Attorney General’s office in Massachusetts, said that he has received material from the board.

Srinivasan is quoted in Unionleader saying he has helped raise thousands of dollars for the charity which feeds the poor in Massachusetts and in India. He said after looking into the public tax filings and other sources, he found that up to $150,000 to $200,000 has not been accounted for. Srinivasan took his concerns to Kalyani and the board.

Subu Kota of Southborough, Mass., said he believed it was probably an accounting error and would support Kalyani. He however, said the board was not aware that Kalyani was taking a salary of $45,000, Unionleader quoted him saying.

The news report said Kalyani “acknowledges there are irregularities in the charity’s account but said there has been no mishandling of funds.”



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