Indian-American Republican group holds July 4th celebrations

Hemant Bhatt, founder and president of South Asian Republican Coalition, addresses gathering in Fords, N.J., during July 4th elerations. (Photo: SARC)

The South Asian Republican Coalition, SARC, along with another community group called Indian American Patriots, held 4th of July celebrations at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, N.J.
Organizers said in a press release that because of the COVID-19 pandemic the gathering was small and by invitation-only.

Being an election year, SARC announced at the event, the start of it’s ‘Vote4Trump’ campaign where it will reach out to the South Asian community across the nation. “For many South Asian American community members; the USA is their Karma Bhumi and they are all proud Americans,” the press release said.

The Founder and Chairman of SARC is Hemant Bhatt.

“The Republican Party has a lot of similarities with the South Asian value system,” the press release said, adding that SARC has a formal presence in 6 States and is still expanding, working with the Republican National Committee’s Asian Caucus and tate GOP leaders to make a positive difference in re-election President Trump and Republican candidates in November 2020.

The Independence Day celebration started with the Pledge of Allegiance. The national anthem was sung by Rimma Yakobovich along with the attendees.

Bhatt explained the importance of voting and re-electing Trump and Republican candidates to those present emphasizing that “many Indian American friends should understand that President Trump is unconditionally supporting India and our natural choice is to vote for him.”

He also noted that the South Asian community living here has experienced the fruits of working and raising families, educating their kids here and making a good living, and also supporting the needy back home.

A placard of President Trump seen at the July 4 celebrations hosted by SARC and Indian American Patriots, in Fords, N.J., where the organization SARC announced the launch of its Vote4Trump campaign. (Photo: SARC)

“Therefore, America is entitled for and expect our ‘FIRST LOYALTY and LOVE’, keeping intact our love for countries we migrate from to America,” the press release quoted him saying.

“Our enthusiasm to celebrate America’s Independence Day should be more or at least equal to that of celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day or festivals of countries we migrate from,” he added.

And in order not to be told to “go back to your own country,” South Asians needed to participate in and be part of the country.

Bhatt read out the ‘Happy 4th of July’ greetings from Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold. Dr. Parikh, who is an advisor to SARC, said he would always encourage, assist and support SARC in its activities

Several young attendees saw a great synergy between the USA and India and the relationship between President Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, working for the betterment of the two nations, organizers said in the press release.

Dr Raj Bhayani who is also an advisor to SARC informed those present about the key battleground states that President Trump needed to win, and called for the consolidation of the South Asian vote to help swing those states in his favor.

The National Secretary of SARC, Dev Karlekar, elaborated on Trump’s achievements and the relationship between the U.S., Israel, and India.

Many other SARC members also addressed the gathering. They included Brajesh Singh, Dheeraj Parekh, Bob Tailor, Madhu Anna, Dave Makkar, Bob Luban, Tom Maras, Rimma Yakobovich, Priti Bhatt, Tejal Shah, Neeta Ramekar, Nishith Mehta, Dhiren Parikh, Indravadan Patel, and Renee Lynn.

The event was covered by Raja Bhatty from ITV Gold, a part of Parikh Worldwide Media.

Karlekar concluded with a Vote of Thanks for all those present, and especially thanked Albert Jasani for providing SARC with a great venue and lunch.



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