Indian American professor steps up for city council in California

Mohammed Nadeem (Courtesy: Facebook)

Mohammed Nadeem, an Indian American professor at National University in San Jose, California, has decided to step up and run for a council seat in Santa Clara that has been vacant since the resignation of Dominic Caserta, according to a Mercury News report.

To fill the position, Nadeem would need the support of five of the six current council members and if he succeeds then he would be the first Indian American on the council.

Nadeem has lived in Santa Clara for about 30 years now and is the father of four children.

He has served on several commissions and city boards, and as president of Santa Clara’s Muslim Community Association, according to the Mercury News.

According to his bio on National University’s website, Nadeem teaches a variety of courses at the university and holds a PhD in business from Upper Iowa University, a PDP in marketing from Harvard University and Professional Development coursework in marketing from Stanford University.

He has also served as the Academic Program Director of Marketing, the Faculty Senate, the Graduate Council and the Research Council of National University.

If Nadeem is appointed to the seat then he will serve until November, after which he must run for re-election.



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