Indian-Americans plan rally at UN welcoming Indian PM Narendra Modi when he addresses General Assembly Sept. 27

Photo of flyer for a rally at theUnited Nations in support of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo courtesy organizers)

Several Indian American Organizations in North East United States, from across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, are planning to gather at the UN Dag Hammarskjöld plaza (next to United Nations) at 245 E 47th St, Manhattan, Friday Sept. 27,  from 9 AM to 1 PM EST to welcome India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he speaks to the UN General Assembly.

Buses are being arranged from several locations across New Jersey/New York, according to a press release from organizers who urged those planning to attend to register at and specify location where they plan to board the bus to help with the planning.

This is the 74th session of the UNGA which runs from Sept 17-30.  The General Assembly includes many high level events including ones on Climate, Sustainable development, Financing for Development, and Small Island Developments.

The Indian Prime Minister is expected to attend multiple high-level summits on the margins of the UNGA and hold bilateral and multilateral engagements during his visit.

His UN Speech on Sept. 27 morning is expected to touch on topics of Climate, Sustainable development, terrorism etc.

The “Indian diaspora is very excited to welcome their beloved Prime Minister whose visit to US is first time since he won a resounding victory for second term,” the press release said.   “NRIs (non-resident Indians) have very enthusiastically participated in 2019 election campaign through social media and have collectively made millions of calls to voters in India to support Narendra Modi ji during the elections,” the press release said, adding that many travelled all the way to India and campaigned in remote villages.

“Narendra Modi Governments’ recent actions such as addressing the injustices in Kashmir over women’s rights, backward caste people rights and that of the rights of rest of Indians by scrapping the temporary constitutional provision of article 370, redressing of the rights of Muslim women by making instant Triple Talaq punishable, fitting rebuttal to those who engage in terrorism in India are welcomed by Indian diaspora,” the press release said, adding, “His actions to address deep rooted corruption particularly among Indian political class and his vision to make India 5 trillion dollar economy is putting Bharat in the right path and bode well for its future.”

The press release also praised Modi was “restored respect for India, convinced the world over for taking on the state sponsored terrorism engaged by Pakistan.”

It made mention of the International Day of Yoga, an idea floated by Prime Minister Modi in 2014, which has become a worldwide phenomenon, with 177 nations co-sponsoring a resolution to declare June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.

“We urge Indian diaspora to participate in large numbers to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s speech at the UN,” organizers said,



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