Indian-American organization in Illinois celebrates versatility of Karnatic music

Performers at the Pallavi Music Academy’s Pallavi Sangeet Utsav 2019, held Feb. 9, at Schaumburg, Illinois. (Photo courtesy Pallavi Music Academy)

The Pallavi Music Academy hosted the Pallavi Sangeet Utsav 2019 – a celebration of Karnatic music in diverse ways – vocal, veena and violin – on Feb. 9, at Play N Thrive Auditorium in Schaumburg, IL.

The event featured a series of individual and group musical presentations by students of Pallavi Music Academy.

The Grand Finale was an orchestra presentation by 30 vocalists, 25 violinists and 7 veena players accompanied by mridangam and tabla, performing Vande Meenakshi – a Nottuswaram composed by Muthuswamy Dikshitar, a well-known veena player himself.

The Chief Guest at the event was Lakshmana Mittur, president of the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, who in his speech, dwelt on the Guru-Shishya parampara: the teacher-disciple tradition in Indian culture.

Other well-known personalities who attended Pallavi Music Academy’s Sangeet Utsav included  Dr. Ravi Reddy, Prakash Madadakare, president of Vidyaranya Kannada Kuta, and expert percussionists Subramanian Krishnamurthy and Muralidhar Kaje.

Pallavi Music Academy is training students in Classical Karnatic – Vocal , Veena and Violin under the guidance of Artistic Director Dr. Jaishree Prasad, who is a well known Veena player, and her daughters Preethi Prasad and Krishnaranjani Prasad.




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