Indian-American non-profit, Gift of Life USA, holds special needs fundraising gala

Gift of Life USA, a non-profit, held its annual Special Needs Gala and fundraiser. Seen in pictures are special needs beneficiaries with founders Paresh and Flora Parekh, sponsors, and performers. (Photo: Gift of Life USA)

Gift of Life USA is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization founded by Indian-Americans Paresh and Flora Parekh, with the aim of helping the specially-abled, celebrated its annual fundraising gala April 14, at Huntington Hilton in Long Island, N.Y.

The Gala serves as a platform to support specially-abled individuals and attendees get the opportunity to meet the beneficiaries they will be supporting, and see for themselves the talents these individuals bring to the world, a press release from organizers, said.

The range of talent was evident at the Gift of life USA Special Needs Gala 2019, which featured cerebral palsy speakers, special needs freestyle dancers, an autistic musician, and a special needs band.

Celebrity cerebral palsy model Autumn Kinkade and Ms. Wheel Chair Ketrina Hazell entertained the audience with their amazing accomplishments.

Organizers appealed to the Indian American community to give its whol- hearted support and embrace the vision of the organization.

Emcees Harshil Parekh and Freya Savla conducted the proceedings.

Gift of Life USA aims to nurture acceptance and empathy, bridging the gap across the various communities and combating social stigma by raising awareness about different disorders.

With the mission of accumulating resources in support and benefit of specially-abled individuals, the organization conducts various programs and activities, namely, “Save a Child” Support, “We are Special” Talent & Skill Recognition, “Health & Education,” “Awareness”, “College Scholarships For Differently-Abled”  and “Service Dog Support Program”. Past initiatives have included a special focus in the areas of advocacy, health and education.

The “true strength” of Gift of Life USA lies in the funding and support it gives to individuals with these various physical and mental disorders, organizers said. For more information, visit





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