Indian-American housing non-profit in NYC plans home buying workshop after successful homebuyer fair


The housing non-profit, Chhaya Community Development Corporation (Chhaya) founded in 2000 by an Indian-American, is inviting those interested in buying a home to attend its May 18, “First Time Homebuyer Workshop” at Elmhurst Hospital.

New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm received Chhaya’s first Architect of Home Award for championing homeownership in the community April 10, 2019, at the 10th Homebuyers Fair. He is seen in photo with Annetta Seecharran, executive director of Chhaya. (Photo courtesy Chhaya)

The upcoming May 18 event follows on the heels of the recent 10th Annual Homebuyer Fair Chhaya held, which attracted hundreds from South Asians, Hispanics and other ethnic communities in Queens.

Panel discussions consisting of experts from the housing industry, were held at the 10th Homebuyers Fair hosted by Chhaya CDC April 10, 2019, in Queen, NY. (Photo courtesy Chhaya)

“We had more than 500 people attend who received valuable information about the home buying process directly from industry experts,” Chhaya said in its press release following the event.



New York State Senator Jessica Ramos speaking at the April 10, 2019 Homebuyer’s Fair, hosted by Chhaya, showed her support for Chhaya’s efforts helping communities navigate the homebuying process. (Photo courtesy Chhaya)
New York State Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz speaks to the crowd about Chhaya’s critical home buying resources April 10, 2019, at the 10 Homebuyers Fair hosted by Chhaya. (Photo courtesy Chhaya)

Several city and state officials attended. New York City Councilmember Daniel Dromm was presented with Chhaya’s first Architet of Home Award for championing homeownership in the community; New York State Sen. Jessica Ramos, who spoke at the event, showed her support for Chhaya’s efforts helping communities navigate the homebuying process; State Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz spoke to the crowd about Chhaya’s helpful home buying resources.

Numerous real estate experts and lenders, provided information to curious attendees at panel discussions and in booths that also provided literature tailored to the needs of home buyers.

Established in 2000 by Indian-American housing expert and activist Seema Agnani, Chhaya CDC has expanded considerably over the years both in terms of its activities and its outreach.

More than 500 interested people attended the 10th Homebuyer Fair organized by Chhaya CDC April 10, 2019. (Photo courtesy Chhaya).

“Our mission is to work with New Yorkers of South Asian origin to advocate for and build economically stable, sustainable, and thriving communities,” the organization says on its website.

Apart from free direct services, education and outreach, community organizing, and research and policy, Chhaya engages in both local and citywide coalition-building. “Our work encompasses tenant rights, financial capacity building, sustainable homeownership, foreclosure prevention, energy efficiency, women’s financial empowerment, workforce development, civic engagement, and broader community building and research and advocacy around community needs,” it notes.

In addressing a core need – housing, Chhaya believes it impacts a range of social outcomes, including education, employment, civic participation, community pride, and mental health and well-being.

“Through our work, Chhaya aims to develop a framework that will achieve long-term stability for New Yorkers of South Asian origin, giving them the tools and resources that will enable them to create positive, lasting change in their lives,” the organization says.




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