Indian American hotel owner faces burglary charges after sneaking into guests’ room


Indian American hotel owner Manishkumar B. Patel, 49, is facing burglary charges after guests caught him sneaking into their room while they were sleeping at Bushnell Inn in Florida, according to ABC News.

The guests told deputies that they heard a noise and found Patel crawling on the floor next to the bed after which they confronted him while he ran out of the door with a sheet over his face.

ABC News reported that deputies reviewed surveillance video showing a man nearing the room of the victims before entering his own, the guests confirmed it was Patel.

Authorities say they had arrested Patel back in 2014 on sexual battery charges.

A CBS report states that he set to go to trial in that case in November and his bond has since been revoked, he is also facing charges of evidence tampering.



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