Indian American helps bring juice shop to Austin, Texas

(Courtesy: Facebook)

NEW YORK – Indian American Krish Patel, the CEO of Wireless Communications Inc. and owner of Soul Yoga, along with Carl Sobocinski, the founder of restaurant group Table 301 and Olivia Esquivel, the co-owner and founding partner of Southern Pressed Juicery, have taken Southern Pressed Juicery to Austin, Texas, according to the Upstate Business Journal.

This will be the first time the trio will take the juice shop outside of the Greenville market where they established their first shop in 2015 under the Table 301 banner.

Though they didn’t expect Austin to be the second location for the juice shop, Sobocinski told the Upstate Business Journal that they had been looking for other Southeastern cities to expand their business and somehow knew that Austin would be the right next move.

“After talking with some colleagues in the industry and digging a little bit more into the concept, I recognized there was both a need for something like SPJ in Greenville and an opportunity for Table 301 to add a new dimension to our portfolio in the health/wellness category,” Sobocinski told the Upstate Business Journal, about how Esquivel approached him about partnering up.

Esquivel then got Patel involved, since he owns Soul Yoga in Greenville and is also the managing partner of Wanderlust Yoga in Austin. Esquivel thought that it would be a good idea to combine a yoga studio with a smoothie café, the report said.

After recognizing their similar goals for business growth, the three entrepreneurs decided to partner up and will now open up the Southern Pressed Juicery in Austin with Wanderlust Yoga’s second studio in the city, next door.

Sobocinski told the Upstate Business Journal that “having a trusted partnership with Krish to grow outside this market into Austin makes it much easier to navigate a new city,” while Esquivel said that “partnering with Patel is like stepping out with a friend.”

Southern Pressed Juicery, also known as SPJ, serves juices that are 100 percent organic, raw a cold-pressed, they also serve superfood smoothies energy bowls and other plant-based foods.



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