Indian-American fifth grader publishes her first book

Cover of ‘The Adventure Begins’ written by Ria N. Arjun. Photo Courtesy – Laxmi Arjun


Fifth grader Ria N. Arjun recently independently published her book, ‘The Adventure Begins’, a compilation of ten short stories featuring different genres, characters, plots and morals.

One of the youngest Indian-American authors, Ria owns a private foundation called RALS Foundation which focuses on providing education to disadvantaged children and adolescents around the world.

Ria N. Arjun | Photo Courtesy – Laxmi Arjun

The proceeds from the sale of this book, available on AmazonGoogle books and Barnes and Nobles, will go to RALS.

Ria recently started her own YouTube channel called RALS dedicated to spreading positive energy, content and interviews with achievers in various fields.

A public speaker, she loves to read, write poetry, paint, sing and compose too.



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