Indian American doctor receives Service Excellence award

Dr. Anand C. Reddy

Dr. Anand C. Reddy, an Indian American kidney specialist from Odessa, Texas, was honored with the Service Excellence award for Core Value and Service at the DaVita Physician Leadership conference held in Washington, D.C.

In an email, Reddy said that he was proud to be selected as the recipient of the “Service Excellence Award” for outstanding patient care in the large area of West Texas.

“The zeal to work for the people and help them to the best of my abilities to achieve good health has led me all over the globe. I learned from great physicians in the United States, India and United Kingdom. The hard-training I received in the U.S., UK and India has chiseled me into an efficient doctor,” he said.

Reddy was born in India; he attended Bangalore Medical College and then went to the UK to further his career in medicine, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Physicians.

He then came to the U.S. to do his internal medicine residency at Case Western University in Cleveland and then did a nephrology fellowship (Kidney specialization) at Mount Sinai in New York, he moved to West Texas seven years ago.

Reddy’s practice is spread over a 200 mile radius and has grown to include associate Dr. Asif Ansari, who is also a nephrologist.

He also likes teaching and was awarded the “Best Teaching House Staff” during his internal medicine residency in Cleveland and is the chief of staff at ORMC hospital.

The sports lover is married to Pushpa Reddy and they have two children.

“We enjoy traveling as family and explore different cultures. The first trip from Odessa we remember is to the city of Alpine and Marfa. It was just so beautiful and amazing … memorable West Texas!” Reddy exclaims.



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