Indian American DJ Jay Dabhi finds snake in daughter’s toys at home

DJ Jay Dabhi – Amp Radio

NEW YORK – Indian American DJ Jay Dabhi of Amp Radio, called 911 on Tuesday night after he spotted a snake slithering through his daughter’s toys at his home in Queens.

Dabhi had just put his sleeping 2-year-old daughter Samira on the couch after coming back from their holiday weekend when he and his wife noticed the brown and orange creature crawling up the leg of a rocking chair.

Dabhi told the New York Post that he remembered his wife, Shireen Elnaggar, screaming “we don’t have any toy snakes, is that real?”

“My daughter was within inches [of the snake] on the couch… then the momma bear kicked in, I was like I have to protect my family,” Elnaggar told the New York Post.

The family then got behind a baby gate in the foyer where they could watch the snake from a safe distance while they called 911 to help.

The operator laughed when Dabhi described the situation and asked him “are you sure it’s not a toy?”

She then told Dabhi that she even though she had already marked the issue as “high priority,” there would be a delayed response as she explained that a police officer had been shot and that it was the Fourth of July.

Officers responded to the scene over an hour later after Dabhi called 911 two more times, however, police from the Emergency Services Unit had to be brought in to battle the non-venomous, albino corn snake out of the house, which had curled up next to a warm extension cord.

Dabhi said that he was used to the bugs and rodents that showed up once in a while but seeing a snake in Queens was rare.



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