Indian-American Democrat from Pennsylvania challenges fellow party member for seat in Congress

Congressional Candidate Bhavini Patel running from Pennsylvania’s 12th PHOTO: Facebook @PatelForPA

Bhavini Patel, a young entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, is officially in the race for Congress from Pennsylvania’s 12th District ( according to her Facebook campaign page entry October 2, 2023. She is running against Democratic incumbent Rep. Summer Lee.

“As the daughter of a single, immigrant mother from India, I know firsthand the power of hard work, grit, and determination. My family proves that the American Dream is still alive in Western PA,” Patel says on the site.

She grew up in Monroeville and attended the Gateway School District while working in her family’s food truck business, she reveals in her post.

While working in that food truck business, she said she “learned to dream BIG.”

She was the first in her family to graduate from college, and go further to earn a Master’s at Oxford.

“I understand the unique challenges facing our community, from gun violence to small businesses struggling to make payroll,” Patel says, maintaining that she has “a proven track record of public service,” having worked in the Office of the Allegheny County Executive, serving on the Edgewood Borough council, and starting a business.

“The challenges faced by my family aren’t unique. PA-12 is a community made strong by our shared values and commitment to building a region that works for every neighborhood and every family, so everyone can live the American Dream,” she says.

“It’s going to take all of us to build the powerful grassroots movement we need to win this race,” she adds.



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