Indian American criminal dies while in custody


An Indian American man who was in custody of U.S. Marshals, died of what law enforcement authorities said looked like a seizure.

Suresh Mitta, also known as Suresh Reddy or Mitta Suresh, was found guilty of a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a case that victimized Dallas Medical Center, according to the Dallas News.

Mitta was the chief technology officer (CTO) for several related entities owned and operated by Albert Davis.

Mitta and four other conspirators engaged in a scheme to use Cerner Corporation’s reputation and standing in the medical field to manipulate business transactions and court proceedings in their favor allowing many victims to lose millions of dollars between Aug. 25, 2008 and Feb. 19, 2015.

Criminal conduct involved perjured testimony, doctored trial exhibits, a manipulated multi-million dollar civil verdict, the use of fake people with fake email accounts, impersonated companies, fake business documents and a phalanx of over 70 entities with more than 50 bank accounts.

According to a Justice Department press release, conspirators created a fake Cerner business entity for a similarly-named company, Cerner, LLC and opened a fake Cerner bank account, registered a fake Cerner Internet domain and leased virtual office space for a fake Cerner address in Kansas City, Missouri.

They also created fictitious employees from Cerner Corporation with fake identities and fabricated documents, price quotes, agreements and invoices, which were all made to appear to be authentic Cerner Corporation documents, when they were not.

Conspirators also made a fraudulent sale of a newly developed MRI system to Dallas Medical Center who paid them more than $1 million for the product.

Evidence introduced during the trial indicated that Mitta, impersonating a Cerner employee, represented himself as the company’s senior physicist in meetings with the president of DMC and their attorneys.

When DMC was not acting quickly enough on the deal, conspirators created fake e-mail accounts for prominent cardiologists in Dallas which were used to draft e-mails stating that the cardiologists could not wait to get the MRI system at DMC.

Conspirators then forwarded these e-mails to DMC, which created the impression of demand for the system at DMC and also provided “references” for DMC to check, which turned out to be more fake people.

Mitta and his conspirators also had fraudulent dealings with the Korean company ISOL Technology.

Mitta was subject to a sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison without parole.



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