Indian American couple’s sex case dismissed


Charges against an Indian American couple in Michigan were dismissed after they were accused of trying to solicit their daughter’s teen friends for sex, according to a report.

Anuj and Leslie Chopra’s, both 43, attorney alleged that police threatened witnesses to go along with the case however; text messages from the Chopras indicate their innocence.

“Clearly, after the cases went to court, the alleged victim and witnesses were pressured into keeping with their false stories so that they wouldn’t get in trouble. They were merely acting as confederates to save their own hides. They never thought that (the defense) would get the text messages and unearth the scheme,” attorney Damian Nunzio said in statement.

According to an earlier News India Times report, Anuj had allegedly offered to pay two teen-age boys for taking a video of them having sex and later said that he was only joking but was then charged with human trafficking.

Leslie on the other hand, allegedly sent a “selfie” of her dressed in lingerie to minors and was accused of distributing sexually explicit messages to them.

However, after months of investigation, Ottawa County Prosecutor Ronald Frantz finally dismissed those charges on Friday, May 11 stating that exculpatory messages had been discovered and that “further investigation uncovered significant exculpatory evidence that resulted in a dismissal.”

The Chopras came under fire when they were “falsely blamed for sending nude photographs” of a student at Hudsonville High School during the summer 2016, but a search warrant for the Chopra’s home in October 2017 revealed no such evidence.

Nunzio also stated that “the alleged victim was a good friend with the female student whose nude photographs were leaked in the summer of 2016,” and that “he was merely joking around with the Chopras and that he, too, was threatened with jail if he did not cooperate with police,” like others.



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