Indian American community remembers Manjeet Singh after 10 years

Friends of Manjeet Singh (Photo: Nutan Kalamdani/Cineviews Media)

The life and friendship of Manjeet Singh was celebrated on Monday, December 17, at TV Asia Studios in Edison, New Jersey.

Singh was an employee of News India Times/Desi Talk and Gujarat Times, who passed away 10 years ago but his friendship was everlasting.

All of his friends proudly wore a t-shirt with his photo on it and the highlight of the event was his that his life-size cut-out was placed on the stage with a candle and drink next to it.

One of Singh’s friend Rupinder Nayyar, wore his style of outfit, which was a checkered shirt, not in-shirted, in his memory.

“People always ask me ‘what is the measure of success?’ I say this is the measure of success,” Mukul Bishnoi, an attendee, told the room full of people that was gathered in celebration of Singh’s friendship. “10 years after this guy’s death there are so many friends here celebrating his friendship.”

Manjeet Singh is remembered and celebrated at TV Asia Studios. (Photo: Nutan Kalamdani/Cineviews Media)

Professor Indrajit S. Saljah, Editor of the Indian Panorama said “we are celebrating a life of love. A life which was full of every descent and every conceivably beautiful thing. He did not differentiate between the good and bad, for him every human being was a lantern dropped from heaven. Singh was a beautiful human being.”

The event was co-organized by Rajbhog Foods in Jersey City, where Singh used to hangout often.

Many community members still remember him in New Jersey.

One attendee remembered how Singh used to always take the advertisement and ask for the money after the job was done.

Hitesh Shah, Singh’s old-time friend, remembered him as a friend and mentor who knew how to win hearts.

At his funeral, the Jersey City mayor that Singh was a true global ambassador.

(Photo: Nutan Kalamdani/Cineviews Media)


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