Indian-American candidates score several wins in Texas and California

Sherine Thomas. PHOTO: X @IA_Impact

While the Indian-American Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley who fiercely contested against the now presumptive Republican Presidential nominee and former President Donald Trump declared her withdrawal following defeat in Super Tuesday primaries, several Indian-American candidates from Texas and California have secured their nominations and are set to contest in the upcoming November 5th general elections.

In Texas, Sandeep Srivastava for Congress (TX-03), Salman Bhojani (HD-92), Dr. Suleman Lalani (HD-76), and Sherine Thomas for Travis County 353rd District Judge won their primaries.

Sandeep Srivastava. PHOTO: X@sandeepfortexas

A successful entrepreneur in IT and real estate, after winning the nomination, Srivastava said, “Being named the Democratic Nominee for 2024 is an honor I share with each and every one of you. Together, we will continue to champion progress, equality, and opportunity for all,” adding that he was grateful for the overwhelming support he received in Collin and Hunt Counties.

“Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have propelled us to this incredible moment,” added Srivastava, who will make history as the first Indian-American to represent Texas in the US Congress if he gets elected in the November elections.

In California, incumbent Democratic Congressmen Ami Bera (CA-06) and Ro Khanna (CA-17) also won their respective primaries. Entrepreneur and Republican candidate, Vinay Kruttiventi, also won his primary race from the 14th Congressional district.

Vinay Kruttiventi. PHOTO:

Another Democratic candidate, Dr. Darshana Patel, won the race from the 76th District for a State Assembly seat. Two other candidates Dr. Angelo Farooq, from 31st District seat, and Tara Sreekrishnan, from the 26th District lost their races.

Ro Khanna. PHOTO: X@RepRoKhanna

Congratulating the winning candidates from Texas including Srivastava, Bhojani, Dr. Lalani, and Thomas for their victories, Indian American Impact, an organization which empowers South Asian and Indian-American communities, which endorsed these candidates noted that with half a million South Asians living in Texas, “these victories reflect the growing influence of South Asian Americans in American politics.”

Indian American Impact’s Texas State Director, Rish Oberoi, in a statement said, “South Asian Americans are ascending to positions of leadership in public service at an extraordinary rate and Texas stands as a prime example. With more than 500,000 South Asians calling Texas home, the second highest concentration in the nation, we’re thrilled to see increased representation at all levels of government.”

Oberoi further said, “Indian and South Asian Americans are setting new benchmarks of excellence and representation in the Lone Star State” emphasizing every one of these pioneers is dedicated to advocating the community’s key concerns including public education and expanding healthcare accessibility.

On his reelection, Bhojani in his tweet said, “I am honored to be [your] HD-92 Democratic nominee, with unanimous support from Democratic voters in our district. I look forward to speaking with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans as we head towards the November election. There’s much work to be done!”

Bhojani secured his initial win to the Texas State House in 2022 and became “one of the first two Muslim and South Asian members to the Texas state legislature.” During his first term, he led the charge in passing legislation that granted Texas public schools the ability to acknowledge culturally significant holidays like Eid and Diwali.

Indian American Impact tweeted, “Congratulations to Sherine Thomas for her victory as TX Justice for Travis County District 353. As the county’s top litigator, she’s tried cases at all levels from the state and federal appellate courts to the Texas Supreme Court.”

Ami Bera. PHOTO: X@RepBera

Thomas, who holds leadership positions in the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and India Coalition of Texas, “is the first woman and first person of color to serve as an executive county attorney.”

Congratulating Dr. Lalani on his reelection as the Democratic nominee from HD-76, Indian American Impact pointed out, “In his first term, Rep. Lalani sponsored legislation to make mental health care more affordable and successfully secured funding for the family practice residency program.”

During his first term, Dr. Lalani proposed a bill to enhance the affordability of mental health care and effectively obtained funding for the family practice residency program.

“I’m even more grateful that voters sent a very resounding message, not just the majority but 51 [per cent] in a crowded field saying that ‘no runoff, let’s move forward to November elections,’” Patel said after securing the Democratic nomination for the Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3. “[I am] very, very grateful and excited about the days ahead and what we get to work on and connect with our neighbors and friends about building a stronger community as we reach a million people.”

While congratulating Patel, Indian American Impact also recognized the commendable efforts of the three other South Asian candidates in the competition including Abrahim Javed, Kiran Rao, Zeeshan Isaac.

Noting that it also endorsed Karthik Soora (SD-15), Nasir Malik (SD-7), Shekar Sinha (HD-121), and Ravi Sandill for Harris County 127th Civil District Court Judge, Impact said, “While they came up short in their elections, we congratulate them on a well-fought campaign and thank them for their leadership.”



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