Indian American Arun Bhumitra to run for Senate in California

Arun Bhumitra (Courtesy: Facebook)

NEW YORK – Indian American Arun Bhumitra is running for the U.S. Senate in California and will be competing against incumbent Diane Feinstein and 32 other candidates in the June 5 primary to replace Senator Kevin DeLeon, according to an report.

Bhumitra left his managerial position at the Bombay Marine shipyard and headed over to the U.S. in the mid-1970s with his mechanical engineering degree.

He spent his first week sleeping in Central Park until he landed a job at Northrop Grumman to then leaving it to sell cell phones at the cost $4,000.

He ended up opening over 200 cell phone stores in 12 states within the next 20 years.

“I’m running because this country has been good to me and I’m ready to give back. I’m also running because neither of the two leading candidates have business or international experience,” Bhumitra told, adding that he “saw what Trump did on the Riverside South waterfront project in New York,” standing up to bureaucrats, pacifying the unions and the mafia, and “help resurrect New York City.”

Bhumitra pledged to Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican Convention and now says “if you don’t understand business, you don’t understand what a great job he is doing.”

According to his campaign website, Bhumitra plans to do the following if elected:

  • Grow our Economy thru innovation, high paying jobs and exports
  • Focus on High Quality Education for all Levels to prepare the workforce of tomorrow
  • Retain, maintain and Obtain Medicare-Social Security- Benefits for Seniors and those in Need from the Federal Government
  • Re-organize the Veteran’s Administration
  • Rebuild Infrastructure as needed
  • Maintain Coastal wetlands and Clean the Environment
  • Make Government Agencies more Customer Friendly
  • Cut out Waste and Fraud
  • Eliminate Terrorism
  • Fully fund National Defense
  • Public Safety
  • Equal Pay for Men and Women
  • Sensible Gun Control & Immigration Laws
  • Support for Mental Health & Family Leave
  • Encourage a Pet Friendly Environment

“We need immigrants, we need farm workers, information workers, doctors. And we need to legalize DACA immigrants,” Bhumitra told




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