Indian American arrested for trying to hire hitman to kill ex-girlfriend


Indian American Rajesh Bakshi, 54, of Pearland, Texas was charged with four counts of solicitation of capital murder and is accused of trying to pay a professional killer to kill a woman he had once dated, along with her boyfriend and parents, according to a report.

According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Bakshi was arrested last week when he allegedly paid an undercover Houston police officer a $1,500 down payment to perform the contract killing of the woman he had harassed for months and others.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office told that Bakshi asked the undercover officer to sprinkle cocaine on the victims’ bodies.

He also laid out a schedule for each potential victim and suggested the time, place and method of the murder, after which photographs would be taken of the victims.

Along with the $1,500 down payment, Bakshi was ready to give the “hitman” $13,000 more in cash.

According to court officials, Bakshi works at a Dixie Corner Store and lives with relatives, he has a 14-year-old son and twin daughters.

Bakshi will remain in jail with bail of $150,000 set for each count and if convicted he could face life in prison.



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