Indian American actress aims to bring more women into STEM field through new Netflix show

Sahana Srinivasan (Courtesy: IMDB)

Indian American actress Sahana Srinivasan, 22, is wowing audiences by being funny, effervescent and sincere in Netflix’s new series, “Brainchild.”

“Brainchild” is designed for the teenage and adolescent audience, and uses interactive games, illusions, hidden-camera experiments and magic to explore the universe and explain the science behind topics such as superheroes, outer space, social media and dreams.

Srinivasan auditioned for the series by recording herself on video, she is currently pursuing a film degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

Through the show, Srinivasan hopes to inspire more women to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

“Our big goal for the show is to inspire people to go into math and sciences, especially women. There are not enough women of color, and women in general, pursuing STEM careers because they don’t see themselves represented. It means something to see a woman of color teaching you about science and math, and I hope I can be an inspiration,” Srinivasan told Inverse.

“Brainchild” premiered on November 2 and it is executive produced by Pharrell Williams.



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