New Jersey chapter of AAPI holds inaugural gala

Dr. Binod Sinha speaks at the gala.

More than 200 people attended the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) New Jersey chapter’s gala, on December 9, at The Marigold, in Somerset, New Jersey, to enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues and seek to strengthen and rejuvenate the organization.

“This is the first gala event for our chapter which was approved by AAPI on November 17. The goal of the chapter is to unite Indian-origin doctors in New Jersey,” Dr. Binod Sinha, the president of the New Jersey chapter of AAPI, said.

During his speech, Dr. Sinha said that “according to a Harvard study, Indian doctors have the lowest malpractices, provide the best quality care and have a very high patient satisfaction rate.”

Dr. Sinha also mentioned that he wants to bring young doctors into the organization or else “AAPI will disappear,” and wants to make the New Jersey chapter “the strongest chapter of AAPI.”

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Founder and Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, speaks at the gala.

“My goal is to make at least 1,000 out of the more than 8,000 Indian-origin doctors, members of the AAPI, New Jersey chapter, and together we can change the national AAPI policy as well,” he added.

Among the speakers at the event was Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, the Founder and Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, who addressing the audience, said: “it is very heartening to see that AAPI is like a Phoenix as it is rising again from the ashes. I started the federation of AAPI 20 years ago, and we achieved so much, especially for foreign medical graduates. This group should be active not just for themselves but for involvement in federal level policy-making.”

Dr. Parikh also spoke about how he helped New Jersey doctors get their licenses when it was being banned in the mid-1990s.

Master of Ceremonies Dr. Kusum Punjabi said that the AAPI, New Jersey chapter is still under works and a Board will be formed by next year.

Dr. Binod Sinha, the president of the Somerset (back row 3rd from left), New Jersey chapter of AAPI, with other members and guests, at the gala on December 9, at the Marigold, in Somerset, New Jersey.


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