Indian-American actor Ansari in Forbes List of Highest-Earning Stand-Up Comedians Of 2019


Despite more than a year of troubled waters for famous Indian-American stand-up comedian, author and film-maker Aziz Ansari, the Hollywood actor has succeeded in keeping his finances in order, it appears.

Aziz Ansari’s first appearance after months May 13, 2018, at Comedy Cellar, NYC (Photo: Twitter)

In an Aug. 16, 2019 article in Forbes, Ansari squeaked into the top 10 list of Highest-Earning Stand-Up Comedians of 2019, with an income of  $13 million, behind Jeff Dunham with $15 million and Amy Schumer with $21 million, the only woman among the top ten.

Following his downfall of sorts as a result of the accusations of sexual misconduct by a date who remains unidentified to date, back in 2017, Ansari made a comeback to touring with small and then bigger appearances from earlier this year, mainly as a stand-up. This July 2019, on Netflix, Ansari addressed the accusations to mixed reactions. But his bottom line appears strong.

Aziz Ansari and Lena Waite accept the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for “Master of None.” REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The film-maker who made hit series like Master of None and authored a book with the same name, the Emmy-winning Ansari who virtually defined comedy for a while, suffered a blow that he has slowly begun recovering from.

The Forbes list puts Kevin Hart as the highest-earning stand-up earning a whopping $59 million, followed by Jerry Seinfeld at 2nd place with $41 million.



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