Indian American accused of stabbing Dr. Achutha Reddy


Indian American Umar Dutt has been accused of stabbing Dr. Achutha Reddy more than 150 times last September and may be charged with first-degree murder, according to a KSNW.

During a court on Thursday, April 12, an employee at the office recalled Dutt being asked to leave the office the day of the stabbing.

“Doctor (Reddy) told Umar, you’ve got to leave my office. But before leaving he asked Dr. Reddy, why does God always ask me to kill you?” the woman said in court, describing Dutt as agitated.

He then left the office but when Dr. Reddy went out to get his lunch from his car, he came back inside with Dutt and they went into his office where Dr. Reddy gave Dutt some medication.

Dr. Reddy then called out for help a little while later “and when I opened the door, Umar was standing there with the knife and doctor was behind the door and (near) the window. There was a whole lot of blood,” but couldn’t tell if he was dead or alive at the time.

Officers told KSNW that Dutt fled the scene in a Toyota Camry and was arrested about 15 minutes later.

The preliminary hearing will continue on July 5 at 1 p.m. after more evidence is gathered.



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