In loving memory of a trailblazing maverick : LALIT H. GADHIA

Lalit Harilal Gadhia (PHOTO: Courtesy family)

Lalit Harilal Gadhia, of Baltimore, Maryland, passed away peacefully at his home on December 30th, 2023.

Born on November 8th, 1938 to Harilal Premji Gadhia and Santokben Harilal Gadhia, from an early age he led a troop of children to protest the British atrocities in India and was destined to be a trailblazer who would create new paths when he arrived on American shores.
A true American maverick, Lalit’s journey defied conventions and is a testimony to the power of courage, resilience, a spirit of service, and unwavering determination. As an immigration attorney, Lalit dedicated his practice to pursuing justice for all!
Lalit was not only an outstanding legal mind but also an educator and activist, always in the pursuit of an equitable and just society. Among his many outstanding accomplishments was his historic civil rights work in the 1960s for which he was given the Thurgood Marshall award from the NAACP.
Another outstanding accomplishment was being a part of Baltimore’s historic and famous “Goon Squad”, which was responsible for the election of Parren Mitchell, the first African-American in the state of Maryland, elected to the United States Congress. He also spearheaded the election of Kumar Barve, making history as the first Hindu Indian American elected in the United States.
Lalit was also a loving and generous father, husband, grandfather, brother and friend who was always available with his unconditional support and wisdom.
His legacy will resonate endlessly through his family that followed him here from India and through the family and community he created in America that was enriched through his wisdom and guidance.
His memory is cherished by his loving daughter Dr. Anita Alexandra Gadhia-Smith (husband Dr. Ronald Earl Smith, Ret. Captain, USN), wife Kathy Stone, stepchildren Dwight Stone and Trisha Moore, step grandchildren Katy, Ryan, Michael, Alexis and Luke and siblings Ramesh Gadhia, Rekha Sutaria, Sudhir Gadhia and Maya Thakkar.
He will always be remembered for his love and delight of life and unrelenting positive energy and creative spirit.
(Obituary provided by Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith, daughter of Lalit Harilal Gadhia)


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