IFAB Muzikfest launched by Jewel of India in New Jersey

Some participants and guests at the IFAB Muzikfest launched by Jewel of India. (Courtesy: Jewel of India)

The IFAB Muzikfest was launched by Jewel of India on September 2 at Akbar Banquet Hall in Edison, New Jersey.

The IFAB Muzikfest showcased a variety of musical groups, including Mehekte Sur, Aparna and Vinay Kamulkar, Rhythm group, Shri Hari Karaoke Group and independent artists Sunita Misra and Abraham Alex.


A fashion show showcased the works of Dhan Selection and Naginas Closet, with showstoppers Kamini Shankar and Janhavi Rane, according to a press release.

Guests at the meet included local businesswoman Varli Singh, President of FIA Srujal Parikh, Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukherjee.



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