Hunter College student of Bangladeshi origin, killed in NYC subway


South Asians for America, a community advocacy organization, says Zinat Hossain (24), a Bangladeshi student at Hunter College, was killed after allegedly being pushed onto a New York City subway platform May 11, 2022.

Hossain’s death, was reported May 14, 2022 in The Daily Star, quoting from a Bangladeshi newspaper Thikana. The report said Hossain died on the spot at 9 pm Eastern Time on May 11, in what may have been an attempted robbery.

The Daily Star said police had not confirmed the identity of the persons involved, and that it seems they were ‘snatchers’ trying to take Hossain’s bag during the incident which resulted in her death, based on the Thikana report.

Hossain’s maternal uncle Dr. Anamul Haque, president of the Greater Comilla Association, said the young Bangladeshi woman hailed from Daudkandi in Bangladesh and had moved to New York with her parents Amir Hossain and Jasmine Hira who used to live in Brooklyn, The Daily Star reported.

According to news reports, the police have not declared it a hate crime.

“SAFA mourns the loss of Zinat, the only daughter of her parents Amir Hossain and Jasmine Hossain. It is critical to highlight that almost a week after the incident, this event has not been covered widely by news sources,” said SAFA in a May 19 press release.

“Should this be determined to be a hate crime, it will remain largely unreported. Unfortunately, hate-related incidents against minorities have become more commonplace, and they are often unreported without the response and outrage warranted,” SAFA added.



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