Hrithik Roshan to launch his own workout regime

Actor Hrithik Roshan. (File Photo: IANS)


Want a fit body like Hrithik Roshan? The actor, with his fitness brand HRX, will be launching a workout regime.

Hrithik has collaborated with CureFit, a healthcare startup, for the launch and the regime will be available at CureFit’s gym centers CULT.

Talking about it, Hrithik said in a statement: “The overall idea of HRX is to inspire people of all ages to be the best version of themselves and mental and physical fitness are key factors in that context.”

He said his latest collaboration is “a very concrete step towards this objective”.

“The idea behind this workout is to help people move better, faster and feel athletic by progressing gradually. I am asked all the time what I do for my physique, well here it is – these workouts are combinations of all that I do and all that I have learnt in the gym.

“I would particularly push people to try the ZMR (zero momentum reps) which is something I discovered for joint strength thru all my injuries.

I hope I am able to serve my fans through this,” added Hrithik.

Termed ‘The HRX Workout’, it is a specific workout which draws inspiration from the regime personally followed by Hrithik. It is designed by the actor in conjunction with his fitness trainer Mustafa Ahmed, read a statement.

Hrithik and Mustafa will be training a bunch of other trainers to impart the knowledge, technique and philosophy endorsed by this workout to fitness enthusiasts in CULT centers.

Mustafa said: “Hrithik’s intent has always been to serve his fans and the people who wanted to know about his physique, fitness regime and his lifestyle to stay healthy.”

The workout will majorly focus on improving range of motion, full body strength, and core activation. It is a three-level course which will be available for trained as well as untrained fitness lovers from the next month.

Afsar Zaidi, Co-Founder of HRX, said: “Our collaboration is a strategic move to grow the fitness community for our brand and use it as a launchpad to propel itself to the league of the top fitness and active lifestyle brands in the country.”