Hotel owners take wait and see approach to new immigration regulations


The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) says it will take all necessary steps to comply with the law relating to President Trump’s stricter implementation of security regulations governing travel to this country and undocumented immigrants living here.

The head of AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel-owners association, predominantly representing Indian-Americans, told News India Times the organization would keep its mandate to take care of its members’ interests.

“AAHOA members are a vital component of America’s hospitality industry and as such take all necessary steps to comply with the law while also fully recognizing the authority of the executive branch to carry out the law,” President and CEO Chip Rogers said in a statement sent exclusively to News India Times. “It would be irresponsible for us to comment on the possible outcomes of enforcement before they happen.”

On the broader aspects of the policies of President Trump, who was once a larger-than-life member of the hospitality industry, Rogers said, “However, we continue to support those policies which have a major impact on our members, including President Trump’s order to stop over-regulation and current proposals to reduce the burden and complexity of the U.S. tax code.”