Holistic approach to social empowerment: the story of Muni Seva Ashram

Anuben Thakkar

Powered by the vision of his late co-founder Anuben Thakkar, Dr. Vikram Patel is visiting several cities across the United States and Canada to showcase the remarkable accomplishments of Muni Seva Ashram over the past 30 years, with a message about the great potential that lies ahead. The MSA has a longstanding reputation for its excellence in the areas of education, health care, alternative energy, social services, and agriculture, all with a keen eye towards social empowerment.

Dr. Vikram Patel

But it all started with one hut. And its journey was fueled by the desire to respond to need. When the village parents of Goraj needed a safe place to send their children while they worked, Anuben Thakkar set up a hut to watch those children. When those same children needed medical care, Anuben recruited medical students like Dr. Vikram Patel to volunteer their time to give free exams. And as those kids got older and looked towards their own future, Anuben created quality schools and provided education. The immense growth of Muni Seva Ashram snowballed from there, now becoming one of the best cancer treatment & research hospitals in India, a safe haven for the mentally disabled, a loving community for the elderly, and source of employment for many who otherwise would have no means, including the creation of a sustainable clothing factory.

Recovering patient – 888 major surgeries each year

All this can be experienced by visiting MSA. It also offers unique volunteering and learning opportunities at a clean, tranquil and serene place in the heartland of rural India.

Vanprastha at Muni Seva Ashram

The goal of Dr. Patel’s visit to several cities across U.S. and Canada is not only to share the successes of MSA, but its vision. A number of projects are planned for the next 5 years:

(1) The current cancer research hospital has the capacity to hold roughly 150 beds. With increasing demand for services, the expansion of the hospital building to add 200 beds is underway. Also advanced treatments such as Bone marrow transplantation unit and neutropenia care will be added. This expansion will provide state of the art quality medical services to thousands of more people over time.

(2) With the growing population of India, the number of children in Goraj and the surrounding villages is growing rapidly. In its true responsive fashion, MSA has set out to build a new campus for the elementary and high school. The current English medium school has 250 students. The new English medium campus will be able to house 450 students, and have a fully equipped science laboratory, a state of the art sports complex, along with living quarters for teachers and staff.

(3) Over the last few years, MSA has seen an increasing demand for a vocational training facility. Once again, MSA set a plan in motion. MSA intends to build a new facility to house 500 vocational trainees. MSA will provide superior 4-6 month vocational training courses to approximately 1000 students each year at this campus.

From Houston, TX to Calgary, Canada and everywhere in many cities in-between, Chairman-Dr. Vikram Patel will share the inspirational story of how MSA continues to thrive & transform the lives of people through education, healthcare and vocational training.

CALL TO ACTION: BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS AMAZING STORY. MAKE THE NEW EXPANSION A REALITY. The combined funds needed to fulfill these 3 projects is roughly 110 crores rupees. There is 89 crores rupees still unfunded. Please donate now. Choose your passion and earmark funds for that project. Or donate generally, and support the entire initiative.

Muni Seva Charitable Foundation USA (MSCF) is a non-profit registered under article 501(c) 3 of the US IRS code.

Muni Seva Ashram is located at Goraj Village, 35 kms from Vadodara in Gujarat.
To find out more details about how to help the development of MSA please visit http://www.greenashram.org

For your tax-deductible donation, go to http://greenashram.org/donateusa
For volunteering and learning opportunities for your young relative, go to http://greenashram.org/volunteers



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