Historic Prajapati Samaj Convention held in Downers Grove, Illinois

Prajapati Parivar of USA Committee Members Team at the July 29-30 Convention in Downers Grove, Illinois. PHOTO: Jayanti Oza

About 700 Prajapati families from all over the United States gathered for a first of its kind ‘Prajapati Parivar USA Convention 2023’ held July 29-30, 2023, in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Guests were welcomed and snacks served, photos taken, and entertainment was part of the event. Activities at the Convention included television interviews, life-skills shared, and thanks given to those who contributed generously for hosting the event.

Prajapati Parivar of USA members enjoying Garba at the Convention in Downers Grove, Illinois, July 29-30, 2023. PHOTO: Jayanti Oza

Prayers were performed, like Deep Pragatya and Aarti by Fulhar, Thal, Aarti and Garba Ras Dandiya, and prayers for the departed.

Teethi Prajapati performing Kathak dance at the July 29-30 Prajapati Convention in Downers Grove, Illinois. PHOTO: Jayanti Oza

A magic show for children, presentation of awards and honors for some of the distinguished guests, and a popular book based on the life of Shri Vijay Devaratnaji Mistry who hails from Belimora and now settled in USA, was released by Shri Chandamal Komanwaji.



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