Hindu Women’s Network of Chicago celebrates “International Women’s Month”


Hindu Women’s Network of Chicago–Manav Seva Mandir chapter celebrated “International Women’s Month” on Sunday, March 31, 2024, in Bensenville, IL.

Chicago HWN – Core Team. From left: Seema Verma, Sushma Patel, Yash Desai, Sadhana Shinde, Pinu Dhruna, Kruti Patel. PHOTO: HWN

Attended by more than 130 members, the theme included the mission of Shakti, Seva, and Sadhana, a press release from HWN said. Organizers said HWN is inspired by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Sushma Patel welcomed everyone and recited shlokas as  distinguished guest speaker Kruti Pandya did deep Prajwalan or lamp lighting ceremony.  Seema Verma gave highlights of the many past accomplishments of the HWN team.  Emcees at the event were second-generation youth volunteers Dr. Mohini Verma and Meera Limbachia, Bartlett High School student

Kruti Pandya gave a talk on the Women’s Month celebration noting that her biggest inspiration, her mother, Rajshree Pandya, and her daily motivational, her daughter Kaira, are a living example of the multi-generational Shakti.

From left, Dr. Deepti Suri, Kruti Patel, Shobha Patel, Pinu Dhruna, Purnima Nath, , Seema Verma, Yashaswini Desai, Dr. Mohini Verma, and Meera Limbachia. PHOTO: HWN

Bhamini Makwana spoke on selfless service/volunteering efforts. “When we look at the Hindu philosophy, we can see that Seva is a fundamental tenet, rooted in the ancient scriptures and encapsulated by the concept of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, that the whole world is one family. And when the world is our family, we should care for and serve others as if they are our own,” Makwana said. In Hindu Dharma, she added, “the concept of Seva is deeply embedded in the principle of ‘Nishkama Karma’ – performing one’s duties without attachment to the results”.

Purnima Nath from Milwaukee, WI., founder and president of Spindle India, Inc., and creator of the popular festival, India Fest Wisconsin, said, “There is no known religion, ideology, philosophy and civilization known to me that reveres women like Hindutva(ism). Not just respect for women, but reverence for women. We worship women, the divine feminine energy. We worship divine mother goddesses as equals, at times much more powerful. Various manifestations of mother Goddess are Maa Durga, Maa Tara, Maa Kali, Maa Laksmi and so on. Divine feminine energy, i.e., “SHAKTI” – the prime energy for creation, sustenance, and dissolution. Women are the primal energy of evolution and continuity. Without women, nothing manifests,” said Nath, a Republican.

The second half of the event showcased the many talents that women have.  The opening performance was from Rasika Bendekar, creative director at Kala Rasa dance school from Buffalo Grove, IL. A Bharatnatyam exponent, she showcased Devi Stuti on Mahishasur Mardini, shakti/power of the goddess.

Sonali Shani, Kathak Visharad from Lake Zurich, presented an outstanding performance on Kasturi Tilkam and Sargam in different formations.

More than 100 attendees came for the Hindu Women’s Network event March 31, 2024, for International Women’s Month celebrations at Manav Sewa Mandir in Bensenville, Illinois. PHOTO: HWN

The final group performance, called “Atarangi” presented a passionate and touching song “tere rang rang” from the movie Atrangi. The participants were Manisha Athalye-Kulkarni, Vaidehi Kulkarni, Amruta Gupte, Radhika Joshi-Mistry, Prajkata Sapre-Bapat, and Radhika Vaidya.

The Hindu Women’s Network’s , National Team from the Cincinnati, OH chapter. Shobha ji Patel was extremely happy to see the excellent audience and a well-planned event, she said, “This is the first in-person biggest event for International Women’s Month held by Hindu Women’s Network and was amazed to see the speakers and the outstanding and beautiful performances”. She inspired all of us to continue these efforts in serving the mission of Seva, Shakti, and Sadhana.

Dr. Deepti Suri, Ayurveda practitioner & Yoga therapist of Yogahabitat Hinsdale was kind enough to do a raffle and give the gifts to the winner.

Yashaswini Desai, HWN Chicago Chapter founding member, gave a Vote of Thanks to Manav Seva Mandir Executives for allowing use of their facility, as well as to the Women’s team from Hari Sumiran Swaminarayan Mandir of Long Grove, BAPS-Bartlett, and Original Chicago FIA Women’s members and local friends, families, and well-wishers.



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